Its my birthday!

Happy birthday to me! Anyone want to sing? No? Oh alright.

Anyway today I am planning to go to flight club for another pickup. Only problem is, I have no clue what I want. I may get some Lebrons. I think i want to do that only because it is something different. I think my Jordan 1 fetish should die down because that is literally the only shoe I have bought since I started this blog. It may be time for me step outside my comfort zone. I guess i would rather pick them up on my terms. No resellers or anything like that. Yes flight club is expensive for some sneakers but for the ones I want, they aren’t that bad in price. I will post again with the reveal of what kicks I bought!

And for my birthday, just spread the word of my blog and don’t step on my kicks!


Something doesn’t feel right.

Story time! So I have been looking to get a new pair of Jordans.  My latest offer was for a pair of Countdown Pack Jordan 9’s that weren’t in horrible condition and are definitely wearable. But for some reason, I don’t want them. I looked at them, tried them on and everything. They are insanely comfy, like on levels that make some pillows jealous. They don’t look bad on my feet either. And, they are 120 bucks.

What’s the problem?

They just don’t feel right.

Its like when you are in situation that your gut tells you isn’t right. You can’t explain it but it you know something is wrong. This is essentially how I feel. I love 9’s. In fact one of my grails is a Jordan 9, the Calvin Bailey’s to be exact. The 9’s are one of my favorite silhouettes. I just don’t feel these. Now I am sort of a new sneakerhead, but I get the sense that there is a sort of feeling that goes into buying a pair of kicks. I am starting to see it and feel it. I don’t need every sneaker. Nor do I want every sneaker. When I buy a pair of kicks. I want to feel good about my purchase. I want to look at them and feel like i made the right decision. With these, I just don’t feel like they would be good for me. Some might say its me just sticking to my Jordan 1’s. I think its more than that. One doesn’t buy a shirt just because.

Maybe I am being crazy for not wanting these, but if it doesn’t feel right to buy, I won’t buy them.

Top 5 sites for cars and kicks.

If I want information for my two passions i have to go outside myself. These 5 websites and blogs are the best for cars and kicks in my opinion.


Kick releases, opinions, some collections. This site has it all. Its really easy to navigate and has pretty much everything you need to know for kicks.


Just like kicksonfire its an extremely good website for information. My favorite thing though is there Celebrity sneaker stalker. It shows celebs wearing the latest kicks. Wale, Drake and a ton of others appear a lot.


The one stop shop for kicks. No crazy resale prices and you can find steals. Its a must see.


This is one of the best websites I have been on period. The articles are amazing. The stories within the articles are bar none. But the photography is what sets this apart from pretty much every other car website. Then there are the cars themselves. Want to see a minivan with almost as much power as a Bugatti? Go to speedhunters.


Its nascar for goodness sake. Driver profiles, opinion pieces, current standings. You almost don’t need to watch the races. Almost.

Lamborghini Asterion LPI-910-4 concept: Making hybrids look amazing

When you think of hybrids and electric cars, you think of the Prius or some other car that isn’t attractive looking. So what happens when Lamborghini decides to give it a shot? You get a 910 HP 4-wheel drive beauty.  The Asterion looked nothing short of gorgeous at the Paris Motor Show.  It makes it alright to pull up to a stop light and say “I am saving the environment” while leaving everything else that has 4 wheels in the dust. Its powered by a 602hp V-10. Yes that isn’t saving any trees. However add the two electric motors which together put out another 300hp, then you start to understand the technology involved here. Oh and it goes 0-60 in three seconds and has a top speed of 199mph. Yep saving the environment one shift at a time.

I think its amazing that supercar manufactures like Lamborghini can create cars that save the environment. Yes I know no one can afford something like this, but the definition of a supercar is changing. its beautiful, and with cars like the Mclaren P1 and Ferrari La Ferrari, performance cars are getting a new look. And congrats on Lamborghini on creating a beautiful concept and entering the conversation as to who can push the envelope in the auto industry the most.

Go to for the rest of the story (with pictures!).

Sneaker 101: Wear your kicks!


I know you are asking, why is he posting a pair of beat up sneakers? If there is one thing that gets to me it is the idea that some sneakers should never be worn. In my last sneaker post I told you I would keep the new pair of Jordan 1’s on ice for awhile. Well, awhile was about a week.

If one spends over 100 bucks on a pair of sneakers, those sneakers should probably be worn.

Why spend money on something thats going to stay in a box? What’s the fun in that? You don’t feel anything and you can’t enjoy that new sneaker feeling. The kicks in the picture are a pair of KD 1’s. I have beaten these to shreds. I’ve done yard work in them, walked in the snow and have done all sorts of other sneaker sins in them. However, I still have a special place for them. They aren’t actually that bad looking even after all the crap I put them through.

Now I am not saying go into the next thunderstorm in some brand new deadstock J’s. What I am saying is that shoes are meant to be worn. Yes some may not be able to be worn and maybe they were bought for historic reasons, but if they are not that kind of shoe and you can wear them, wear them. Because a 140$ investment shouldn’t stay in a box.

Car Feature: Nadia


Ah don’t you just love imports. This is Mike Skircak’s 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Or as he calls it, Nadia. It has a 2.5 liter engine which is good for about 236 whp stock. However, who wants just a stock WRX? Mike went ahead and added some things including turbo back exhaust, a new fuel pump, recirculating wastegate, a new blow off valve, and Enkei Wheels just for good measure. He then went and got it tuned at EFI logic in Massachusetts. So now it puts down about 293 whp (wheel horsepower for those who don’t know). Even though it is his daily driver, he has taken it to a few events including Wicked Big Meet and a few local car meets.He also went and autocrossed it twice. Mike plans on making this his race car and you can probably guess that its going to cost him. I took a ride in Nadia and it has the smoothest acceleration of any car I have been in. I’d like to thank Mike for letting me feature his car and he also said he may take me to some car meets if there are any so I am crossing my fingers.

Oh fun fact, before he got into cars, he collected…..sneakers!

Sneaker Pickup: Air Jordan 1 Wolf Grey/Spice


The Air Jordan 1 is probably as iconic as it gets with Jordan’s. It is literally the shoe that started it all. In 1985 the Jordan 1 was the only Jordan on the market. No lines no crazy releases. Just step in the store and go. The Jordan 1 is my favorite sneaker because it one of the few sneakers that looks better as you wear them. I got these yesterday at retail price which is best case scenario. I plan to keep these on ice for awhile because it’s a colorway you don’t see very often and I need more orange!


  Hello there!!! I would like to welcome everyone to my new blog! I am a bit nervous but I am hoping that this experience will explore my passions in a new way and enlighten you guys about these two passions: Cars and Sneakers. Their are more similarities about these hobbies than one would think. For one thing, they are extremely expensive and they both have a very deep roots.

   From the Mustang vs Camaro war in the automotive world, to the Nike vs everyone else war in the sneaker community, they both have a ton of fans with a boatload of a opinions. I will sharing mine along with other posts about things like budget sneaker heads, and maybe watching a auto race or two (because you know it isn’t JUST about NASCAR). So lean back, put your kicks on the dash, we’re going for a ride.