Something doesn’t feel right.

Story time! So I have been looking to get a new pair of Jordans.  My latest offer was for a pair of Countdown Pack Jordan 9’s that weren’t in horrible condition and are definitely wearable. But for some reason, I don’t want them. I looked at them, tried them on and everything. They are insanely comfy, like on levels that make some pillows jealous. They don’t look bad on my feet either. And, they are 120 bucks.

What’s the problem?

They just don’t feel right.

Its like when you are in situation that your gut tells you isn’t right. You can’t explain it but it you know something is wrong. This is essentially how I feel. I love 9’s. In fact one of my grails is a Jordan 9, the Calvin Bailey’s to be exact. The 9’s are one of my favorite silhouettes. I just don’t feel these. Now I am sort of a new sneakerhead, but I get the sense that there is a sort of feeling that goes into buying a pair of kicks. I am starting to see it and feel it. I don’t need every sneaker. Nor do I want every sneaker. When I buy a pair of kicks. I want to feel good about my purchase. I want to look at them and feel like i made the right decision. With these, I just don’t feel like they would be good for me. Some might say its me just sticking to my Jordan 1’s. I think its more than that. One doesn’t buy a shirt just because.

Maybe I am being crazy for not wanting these, but if it doesn’t feel right to buy, I won’t buy them.


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