Top 5 sites for cars and kicks.

If I want information for my two passions i have to go outside myself. These 5 websites and blogs are the best for cars and kicks in my opinion.


Kick releases, opinions, some collections. This site has it all. Its really easy to navigate and has pretty much everything you need to know for kicks.


Just like kicksonfire its an extremely good website for information. My favorite thing though is there Celebrity sneaker stalker. It shows celebs wearing the latest kicks. Wale, Drake and a ton of others appear a lot.


The one stop shop for kicks. No crazy resale prices and you can find steals. Its a must see.


This is one of the best websites I have been on period. The articles are amazing. The stories within the articles are bar none. But the photography is what sets this apart from pretty much every other car website. Then there are the cars themselves. Want to see a minivan with almost as much power as a Bugatti? Go to speedhunters.


Its nascar for goodness sake. Driver profiles, opinion pieces, current standings. You almost don’t need to watch the races. Almost.


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