Lamborghini Asterion LPI-910-4 concept: Making hybrids look amazing

When you think of hybrids and electric cars, you think of the Prius or some other car that isn’t attractive looking. So what happens when Lamborghini decides to give it a shot? You get a 910 HP 4-wheel drive beauty.  The Asterion looked nothing short of gorgeous at the Paris Motor Show.  It makes it alright to pull up to a stop light and say “I am saving the environment” while leaving everything else that has 4 wheels in the dust. Its powered by a 602hp V-10. Yes that isn’t saving any trees. However add the two electric motors which together put out another 300hp, then you start to understand the technology involved here. Oh and it goes 0-60 in three seconds and has a top speed of 199mph. Yep saving the environment one shift at a time.

I think its amazing that supercar manufactures like Lamborghini can create cars that save the environment. Yes I know no one can afford something like this, but the definition of a supercar is changing. its beautiful, and with cars like the Mclaren P1 and Ferrari La Ferrari, performance cars are getting a new look. And congrats on Lamborghini on creating a beautiful concept and entering the conversation as to who can push the envelope in the auto industry the most.

Go to for the rest of the story (with pictures!).


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