Sneaker 101: Wear your kicks!


I know you are asking, why is he posting a pair of beat up sneakers? If there is one thing that gets to me it is the idea that some sneakers should never be worn. In my last sneaker post I told you I would keep the new pair of Jordan 1’s on ice for awhile. Well, awhile was about a week.

If one spends over 100 bucks on a pair of sneakers, those sneakers should probably be worn.

Why spend money on something thats going to stay in a box? What’s the fun in that? You don’t feel anything and you can’t enjoy that new sneaker feeling. The kicks in the picture are a pair of KD 1’s. I have beaten these to shreds. I’ve done yard work in them, walked in the snow and have done all sorts of other sneaker sins in them. However, I still have a special place for them. They aren’t actually that bad looking even after all the crap I put them through.

Now I am not saying go into the next thunderstorm in some brand new deadstock J’s. What I am saying is that shoes are meant to be worn. Yes some may not be able to be worn and maybe they were bought for historic reasons, but if they are not that kind of shoe and you can wear them, wear them. Because a 140$ investment shouldn’t stay in a box.


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