Car Feature: Nadia


Ah don’t you just love imports. This is Mike Skircak’s 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Or as he calls it, Nadia. It has a 2.5 liter engine which is good for about 236 whp stock. However, who wants just a stock WRX? Mike went ahead and added some things including turbo back exhaust, a new fuel pump, recirculating wastegate, a new blow off valve, and Enkei Wheels just for good measure. He then went and got it tuned at EFI logic in Massachusetts. So now it puts down about 293 whp (wheel horsepower for those who don’t know). Even though it is his daily driver, he has taken it to a few events including Wicked Big Meet and a few local car meets.He also went and autocrossed it twice. Mike plans on making this his race car and you can probably guess that its going to cost him. I took a ride in Nadia and it has the smoothest acceleration of any car I have been in. I’d like to thank Mike for letting me feature his car and he also said he may take me to some car meets if there are any so I am crossing my fingers.

Oh fun fact, before he got into cars, he collected…..sneakers!


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